• Check, Prevent, and Repair: Save Your Car from Damaging Tire Wear

    Your tires hold up more than just your car, they drive you and your family back and forth from home safely. Flat tires and general wear and tear can be more damaging and unpredictable than people may think. Here are some easy tips and tricks to prevent tire wears and the likelihood of getting a flat tire:

    Avoid bad road conditions: Sometimes the wear and tear of your tires is unavoidable, but there is a higher chance of getting a flat tire by driving through bad road conditions. Try to avoid uneven roads and potholes as much as possible, as they are the main causes that can seriously damage your tires.

    Fix any bad driving habits: Adjusting your driving habits and making sure that you are driving carefully and safely is not only just good for the safety of yourself and your family, but also your car. Turning slowly and refraining from speeding, swerving, and braking too suddenly will save your car’s tires from unnecessary damage.

    Monitor your tire pressure: Sudden changes in weather can lead to changes in your car’s tire pressure, so monitoring your tire pressure is a must to avoid flat tires. Make sure that your tires are safe to drive with by getting them checked and inflated regularly.

    Rotate your tires regularly: Getting your tires rotated on a regular basis will ensure that they are in their best shape and always safe to drive with. Make driving comfortable, smooth, and safe for yourself and all of your passengers.

    Invest in your car: Your car is an investment and should be treated like one to ensure that it’s always safe to drive and ride in. Going in for regular inspections, routine check-up’s, and frequent alignments or replacements will help your car last longer and prevent unpredictable damage.

    Keep yourself and your family safe on the road and drive into your nearest Kwik Kar today to give your car the upgrades, checks, and services that it requires.



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